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Lenel® Prism ™ Video Management System


Prism ™ - eine offene IP-Videomanagementsystem Lösung

Prism ™ ist eine offene IP-Videomanagementsystem (VMS) basierend auf einer fortschrittlichen, intuitive und bedienerfreundliche Benutzeroberfläche. Angeboten in zwei Konfigurationen (Professional und Enterprise) und als Standalone-VMS oder mit OnGuard® integriert.


  • Open platform for full interoperability/integration
  • Video-centric user experience, intuitive UI
  • Mixed live & recorded viewing
  • Fly-in menus and overlays to optimize space
  • Intuitive use of video sequences & timelines
  • Advanced forensics tools for investigations
  • Highly scalable server architecture
  • Single system view of all resources
  • High performance event/alarm brokering
  • Multiple recording options (high availability and value)
  • Extensive support for mixed analog & IP environments
  • Integrated video alarm panel
  • Audio support
  • Touchscreen friendly client software

New with Prism 1.2

  • Embedded video matrix application
  • OnGuard event proxy integration
  • USB joystick support

Integration with Lenel NVR Bridge to Your Video Future The Lenel Network Video Recorder (LNVR) 7.1 provides a shared software technology platform that serves as the foundation for the next generation of Lenel’s advanced video management solutions. Available as either a benchmarked and optimized hardware-based turnkey solution, or a software-only package for deployment on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) server hardware, Lenel NVR provides a number of enhancements for Lenel video customers:

  • Reliable storage and instant retrieval
  • New timelapse support for H.264 and MPEG-4 streams
  • Fully compliant RTP/RTSP client/server implementation
  • Streaming video performance/stability improvements
  • Proven and updated recorder technology
  • Streamlined camera integration